Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions

These terms and conditions relate to all services offered by Pressic to you as a customer. "Our services" or "Services" include all products that you can purchase via the Moduleshop for your own Pressic website, as well as any one-off services you may incur from us. Think about a custom template or one-off cost of work to move your current website to Pressic. Our services can be summarized in "providing an online environment where you as a customer can make your own website and present them to the world." Our terms and conditions are a binding agreement between you as a customer and us as Pressic (hereafter also called "Pressic", "We" or "Us." Our details are: Pressic, Utrechthof 12, Almere. Kvk: 69401349 

You as a customer have the opportunity to create your own website. We expect you to do this with the purpose of presenting yourself, your own company, association, church or other representative you represent. We expect you to keep our rules. Therefore, in this document we have listed these rules in a straightforward manner. With these rules (terms and conditions) you must agree to use our services.

You as a customer 
To become a Pressic customer, you must be 18 years of age or older. This is because we can not do business with minors. This is how it is laid down in the law. Therefore, if you agree to these terms and conditions, please indicate that you are 18 years of age or older. You also indicate that you are actually the person as you entered it in your profile. If we suspect your identity is incorrect, we will remove your account and its associated websites immediately.

Our free packages are offered directly to you after activation. In addition, we also offer packages that you have to pay for. For these services, you may use the services after payment. A payment afterwards is not possible with us. All our prices include VAT.

Right of withdrawal 
Every consumer, or a consumer-like company, has the right to revoke us. This means that you have the right to withdraw your money within 14 days. This request should be submitted via the contact form on our website or by e-mail at support@pressic.com . If you do this, we will send you the paid money within 30 days, by the same way as you originally paid.

Website content 
You can create a website with almost every subject. There are some exceptions. We do not think it's good if you discriminate with us;hateful pornographic; or in any way for other vulnerable websites. Here we are very strict. We assess this to our own understanding. If your website has a content that we do not understand, we will remove it irrevocably. In case of doubt, we will contact you first.
If you place images or figurines, you declare that you are legally owner of these images. Pressic is not liable for damage suffered by accessing any person's property through our services.
Of course, you can use your website at Pressic for promotional purposes, and use all of our templates for this, but we remain the intellectual owner of these templates. Please keep in mind if you decide to copy our services.

Account ownership 
We assume that the owner of the linked email address is the owner of the user account associated with it. If an external domain is linked to a website, we assume that the owner of that domain is the owner of a user account. We can determine this at our own discretion if we find it necessary.

Unintentional use 
You may not use our websites to place software on the Internet that is intended to hurt or damage others or their property. Think of viruses, trojans, or scripts designed to spread spam. Also, you may not use our websites to execute other illegal practices, for example for so-called link farms, or other ways to make another website unnaturally popular; use software to spy out the Pressic website (s), or approach the computer in any way other than what these services are intended for.

We can not guarantee that your website will always work perfectly and flawlessly 100% of the time. Of course, we are aiming for that.It may seem that your website does not work, or does not work as well as we would like. We find this very annoying, but we are not liable for any damage caused by this. If you agree to these terms, you indicate that you do not find this a problem and damage to us will not attempt to recover.
You are responsible for making backups of your website. Of course, we will do our utmost to ensure that you never need it, but we can not guarantee that, if your website has been completely removed for any reason, we can put it back for you.

Other provisions 
Cancellation of services 
If you want to rely on your right of withdrawal (as named in 2.3) and you meet the terms set out there, you will receive the refund amount. However, if we delete your account because you are in violation of our Terms and Conditions, you will not receive a refund.

Webshop module 
We also offer a possibility to create a webshop. You must create an account with Mollie.nl for the payment of your customers. We only work with this intermediary for handling transactions. If you do not want to do this, you can not take a shop module with us.
In addition, you are responsible for setting up your own Terms and Conditions if you are going to use our shop module. We do not do this for you, and we are not responsible for any conflicts that may arise from your webshop. You are responsible for the decent treatment of your customers. Pay particular attention to the guidelines, for example, the Web Store Guarantee. The Chamber of Commerce also has tips on setting up a webshop, especially on its legal side.

In all cases, the Dutch version of these terms and conditions prevails above the translations thereof.

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